Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Morning

Well, the day is finally here.....or it's better described as the wee hours of the morning!

I didn't sleep well...nervous that I had forgotten something or that the kids had seen us or something. I was also hot! I mean, I love this warm Christmas weather but I do not love sweating at night while trying to sleep.

I got up at some point to turn the a/c on and realized the gate at the top of the stairs wasn't closed, so I shut it. This ended up being a pivotal moment because a few minutes after 5 (AM that is) I was awoken by 2 little ones trying to get the gate open and sneak downstairs. I sent them back to bed with instructions they couldn't get up until at least 6 and surprisingly they turned around without so much as a fuss. At some point Will went and got in bed with Avery and a few minutes before 6 they were up again.  After a loud and crazy awakening of NaNa, we let them go downstairs.

Waiting (im)patiently while I snap a picture!

And they're off!

I love seeing the pure joy on their faces!

Sunny and Izzy were such good dolls this year. They got a spa chair, complete with a hair washing station and a pedicure tub! Sunny gives it a whirl!

Just to prove that Matt and I were actually there on Christmas morning!

We gave Matt a fire pit....we've had fun times roasting marshmallows in the front yard/driveway in our shorts!!

Before NaNa headed east to celebrate Christmas with Matt, Cecily and Walter, she got a surprise Christmas morning car wash.  And yes, Avery is a "special" child!

Christmas night we headed to Uncle Gray and Aunt Greta's new GORGEOUS house for a yummy Christmas dinner.  The Charlotte family joined us, except for cousin Ted who had hurt his back.  Just some random photos of the craziness of gift time.

I love these pics of Gray as he holds down the fort in the kitchen!

Mimi just moved out of her house that she has lived in for gosh, I guess over 35 years. I had a Christmas ornament painted for her with a pic of her house on it. I just loved it and I think she did too.

The next morning we had the whole family over for a big breakfast/brunch. The only pic I got were of Avery and Aunt Greta having an Xbox dance off!! It's a wonder they could even bust a move in the midst of Lego Land aka the bonus room!

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Eve

Sitting here not even a week out from Christmas, I can't believe it's over but yet I also can't believe it was less than a week ago!

We have a lot of little Christmas Eve traditions in this house. We start out the day by going to the Christmas pageant at church. This is the first year in several years I haven't had a pageant participant!

On the way home from church we pick up Char-Grill for lunch. And then it's time to make cookies!

We spent a large portion of the afternoon photobombing pictures. Here is a sampling! My favorite one is where Lindy is photobombing and then Sunshine is photobombing Lindy's photobomb. Follow me???

NaNa and Mimi joined us for a Christmas Eve dinner. We had beef filet, mashed taters, macaroni and cheese, salad and yeast rolls. YUM!

The evening is winding down...yeah right!!! 

First the kids open their traditional Christmas Eve "shared" gift. It was a flashing ornament that they hang on the front door so Santa can find them. 

Now it's time to get Santa's milk and cookies and the food for the reindeer out. The goofballs had to make it chaotic!

Will someone make these 2 go to bed??!?!?!?!?!?!

Finally.....snoring....and Santa and his elves get to work. One elf (ahem, me) fell asleep on the sofa and almost forgot to help out!

Can't wait to see their faces in the morning!!!!!!

Let the Festivities Begin

The weekend before Christmas Matt's father and his wife came over for a little Christmas celebration.

Avery got the Barbie camper, which was at the top of her Christmas wish list, and a Scooby Doo Lego set. There have been many x-rated pool parties at the RV campground since then!


Will got a drone.....he had lots of fun outside playing with it that day. I think it's rained pretty much every day since then though!