Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Morning

Well, the day is finally here.....or it's better described as the wee hours of the morning!

I didn't sleep well...nervous that I had forgotten something or that the kids had seen us or something. I was also hot! I mean, I love this warm Christmas weather but I do not love sweating at night while trying to sleep.

I got up at some point to turn the a/c on and realized the gate at the top of the stairs wasn't closed, so I shut it. This ended up being a pivotal moment because a few minutes after 5 (AM that is) I was awoken by 2 little ones trying to get the gate open and sneak downstairs. I sent them back to bed with instructions they couldn't get up until at least 6 and surprisingly they turned around without so much as a fuss. At some point Will went and got in bed with Avery and a few minutes before 6 they were up again.  After a loud and crazy awakening of NaNa, we let them go downstairs.

Waiting (im)patiently while I snap a picture!

And they're off!

I love seeing the pure joy on their faces!

Sunny and Izzy were such good dolls this year. They got a spa chair, complete with a hair washing station and a pedicure tub! Sunny gives it a whirl!

Just to prove that Matt and I were actually there on Christmas morning!

We gave Matt a fire pit....we've had fun times roasting marshmallows in the front yard/driveway in our shorts!!

Before NaNa headed east to celebrate Christmas with Matt, Cecily and Walter, she got a surprise Christmas morning car wash.  And yes, Avery is a "special" child!

Christmas night we headed to Uncle Gray and Aunt Greta's new GORGEOUS house for a yummy Christmas dinner.  The Charlotte family joined us, except for cousin Ted who had hurt his back.  Just some random photos of the craziness of gift time.

I love these pics of Gray as he holds down the fort in the kitchen!

Mimi just moved out of her house that she has lived in for gosh, I guess over 35 years. I had a Christmas ornament painted for her with a pic of her house on it. I just loved it and I think she did too.

The next morning we had the whole family over for a big breakfast/brunch. The only pic I got were of Avery and Aunt Greta having an Xbox dance off!! It's a wonder they could even bust a move in the midst of Lego Land aka the bonus room!

Merry Christmas!!